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The business purposes of the Confidential Property Rights Holder and of the domains redirecting to the url and website are part of a proprietary commercial project referred to herein as the "The Insignificance Project," and notwithstanding the limited general description given hereinunder, are confidential.

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For the limited purpose of asserting and supporting copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights over this domain and the domains redirecting to this domain, the following is a general description of the purposes of the Insignificance Project:

    1.     The Insignificance Project is the conceptual parent of a number of proprietary secular theories that redefine the human relationship to nature and promote a closer alignment between human perception, cognition and large-scale evolutionary patterns than existing philosophical, religious and, in some cases, scientific paradigms. The theories behind the Insignificance Project are, loosely speaking, extensions of the relativity model into areas of human cognition that have historically remained insulated from and resistant to the social, economic, political and psychological implications of existing and emerging scientific knowledge. 

    2.    The current business model for the Insignificance Project, this domain, and those that redirect to it, is the long-term commercial development of written and digital publications and related media and  merchandizing content, products and spin-offs thereof.  This model therefore includes proprietary control of Internet domains that relate to the underlying business model, conceptual framework and theories of the Insignificance Project even though the proprietary content may not yet have been published.   

    3.    The business model is not based on the accumulation, leverage and/or sale of domain names unrelated to the Insignificance Project or the use, exploitation or infringement of the tradename, tradedress or intellectual property of other individuals or enterprises.  

    4.    The related domains of the Insignificance Project are not named or linked-to by this website. This is currently a passive site intended for asserting rights only as-needed, not a portal.

    5.    A second set of domains related to a subset of this project, which is closer to realization, are located, redirected-to and described elsewhere.

Our minds are juvenile and rank
so far are we from secular

It flared in ancient times then sank
to embers as night descended

Now we see ourselves once more
as acolytes of reason

Yet still we gorge on the barbed lure
of a grotesque and mystical season

For the age of darkness has not ended
our mouths still foul and dank

Till the rise of a new vernacular